The way it works

So that you always know "who you have in front of you"!

The way NOVA works is fundamentally different from other security concepts: Each action is verified and secured by the confirmation of the SmartCheck. On the customer side, the biometric facial print ensures that only the registered person can enter data and add to or manage documents. So you can be sure: Whoever uses the NOVA app is actually who it says it is.

As a company, you use the NOVA solutions to securely create lists of people (e.g. for invitations), plan the meeting, control access and ensure a smooth process through to follow-up. You will be supported by innovative high-end hardware solutions – from fingerprint scanners to hygiene pillars, which not only recognize your visit but – if desired – also monitor health aspects at the same time.

Why so much control?
They invite you to the children's birthday party!

Of course, you start by making a list: How many people do you want to invite? How much space do we have in the living room, how much more space in the garden or the kitchen? Who should come?

You send the invitations with the chosen motto to the guests – after all, everyone should be able to look forward to it and be able to prepare! When and where the party should take place, whether there are special gift requests. You have thought of everything!

The first guests arrive. You receive them at the door, of course you recognize grandma and grandpa, but also Kai and Hannah, with whom your child goes to school. They greet you warmly and open the door. And you also register: As always, Anna comes first and Jonas comes later than everyone else.

Sonja asks via the intercom to open the door. But the monitor shows a middle-aged man in front of the house. He’s not Sonja, that’s quickly recognized. So he has to stay outside. The doorbell rings again. However, the person in the stairwell is completely unknown to you and is not on the guest list. They ask who he is and because he’s not supposed to be a guest at the party, the door stays closed.

The party can rise. Have fun!

A child reports the day after: It is sick and fears that it has infected other guests. So try to remember: who did it play with at the party, who was it sitting next to at the birthday table. Quickly inform the guests!

And NOVA takes care of all that for you. With exactly the features you want for your meeting, your event, your company or your test center! And you don’t even have to answer the door. Our software and hardware regulates everything fully automatically.

Booking visits

Appointment bookings for public buildings, restaurants, sports facilities, concerts, trade fairs, etc. with the NOVA App.


  • The NOVA app is multi-client capable.
  • The company areas and also individual events can be created in the NOVA app as area-related locations or events.
  • Access permissions and visibility can be set individually for each user. For example, a person can only call up the locations for which they are authorized. An administrator or person with overall responsibility, on the other hand, can view several locations and events. To do this, he selects the appropriate locations, which are displayed to him according to his authorizations.
  • Administrative functions, evaluations, lists of participants, etc. can be called up for each location and/or event. A separation of company areas and events is therefore possible.
  • Events are also assigned based on location or area.

Training courses

  • Training courses are offered for the NOVA app both online and on site.
  • RLE NOVA GmbH also has a team of consultants that can accompany the introduction within the central specialist service.
  • For enterprise customers, a direct, personal contact with event management experience is available at all times.
  • The NOVA event team can also be booked for the implementation of events on site. This can take over the following things at the event:
    Support for the participants and the organizer on site:
    1. Access control and problem solving in the event of missing access criteria
    2. Rapid test registration or full implementation
    3. Delivery and installation of the technical devices (Nova terminals / security laptops / etc.)

Operating concept & infrastructure

The NOVA software is a cloud-based application that is provided as a SaaS solution and can be used on all standard end devices via a mobile app or via the latest Internet browsers.
The application is already operated in a cloud-based environment, namely the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Operation in other cloud environments is not planned. Availability and scalability as well as safe operation can be represented even better.

Do you have questions about how NOVA can support you?

Our team will support you right from the start. Get to know the complete NOVA portfolio and discover the possibilities that the solution concept offers you. Feel free to use the contact form or speak to us personally. We look forward to your call or email!

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