NOVA is safe

In the context of digitization and technical progress, more and more personal data is being collected in order to make digital processes more efficient and simple. Which systems are used and where, by whom and in what form data is processed and stored is not always transparent.

For NOVA, the security of your personal data is the top priority.
We have therefore decided that all of our software and hardware systems are programmed and manufactured in Germany and also operated in Germany.

In the best of company – NOVA partner DERMALOG

With our partner DERMALOG, we also rely on secure and sophisticated technology for biometric face recognition, which is also used by the German Federal Government and in 84 other countries in various areas.

As a pioneer in biometrics, DERMALOG has been shaping the security market for over 25 years. The NOVA partner works continuously to revolutionize biometric products and solutions for law enforcement agencies, civil institutions such as registration and election authorities, vehicle registration offices, as well as health and security companies and develops solutions for access and data security, authorization and authentication services, and mobile security . Government agencies, as well as public and private companies around the world, rely on DERMALOG’s expertise and its state-of-the-art biometric products.

Data protection and data safety

NOVA gives you free choice: conveniently as an app user, in the browser or with a guest account

App download

One-time, manual entry of contact data (verification Apple, Google, SMS)

Face recognition

When using biometric face recognition, a photo is taken with the mobile phone within the NOVA app


Taking a photo of the front and back of the ID card or passport. Automatic creation of the user account and the picture.

Browser registration

Registration via web app possible without app download

Guest account

On-site registration by the organizer without app or web registration (guest account)

Good to know: NOVA provides full transparency!

Personal data in the standard:

  • First name Last Name
  • Street, house number, zip code, place of residence, country
  • birth date
  • phone number, email address

The data transmission is always encrypted according to the current state of the art.

Certifications and Logins

  • Certifications from RLE Mobility GmbH&Co.KG and the partners / service providers (Dermalog Identification Systems, Google, data center used by RLE at NetCologne) are available (more information on the certificates).
  • RLE uses the NetCologne data center in Cologne / Germany (see above)
  • In addition to the standard logins (Apple, Google), the NOVA app also offers authentication via your own NOVA account
  • Customer logins can also be connected via specific login pages, e.g. B. for admin functions

Safety measures

Various IT security measures have been implemented:
  • RLE operates a central IMS (Integrated Management System) to implement the various requirements in the areas of information security, data protection (as well as quality, environment, energy and general sustainability).
  • In addition to the existing external tests (see certifications), a number of technical and organizational measures have been implemented.
  • All functions of the NOVA app are managed centrally; new features are made available globally.
  • The list of personal data is therefore also available centrally.

The NOVA App is hosted in the Google Cloud (Google Cloud Platform / GCP).

  • Hosting location: Frankfurt am Main / Germany
  • The biometric data for face recognition is processed by Dermalog’s certified systems.
  • Hosting: NetCologne Cologne / Germany data center (operated by RLE)
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