Event planning and follow-up

For the planning and follow-up of events of all sizes, NOVA offers you the right tools from pre-planning to invitations, registration, document management, event organization to accreditation and access control – the complete portfolio to keep an eye on your event safely and clearly. NOVA does not only support you with the pure planning, through the innovative possibilities NOVA also ensures the implementation with a maximum of transparency for you as the organizer.

Event reports, satisfaction surveys, participant overviews and documentation are already included for debriefing and billing.

NOVA makes your event planning easy, safe and fast! In just 5 to 10 minutes, the first three of the steps listed here are done!



Creation of the location and the event

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Access Permissions

Definition of access criteria and groups of people


Invitation of the participants

Sending of the event invitation (QR Code) and optional definition of documents required for upload

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Overview of participant status

The event participant list contains all participants who have already registered and an overview of the criteria that have not yet been met.

Participant verification-smart-event-management-solution-nova-safely-recognized-security-concept-for-companies-and-events

Verification of participants

To compare the registered participants with your participants/registration list, load this as an Excel file into the NOVA App.

Admission control-smart-event-management-solution-nova-safely-recognized-security-concept-for-companies-and-events

Admission control

At the entrance to your event, the NOVA access systems with biometric facial recognition verify the people, their right to participate and the fulfillment of the specified criteria fully automatically. Optional quick test/mass test with the NOVA app

Event planning made for me.
Everything in view, everything safely under control.

Many options for individual settings

  • A subfolder can be created for speaker management or participant management can be carried out based on the group of people. Direct notification functions can be used.
  • The acceptance or rejection of participation is managed via the event registration.
  • Sponsor logos, advertisements, download of documents can be designed and placed by the operator.
  • A link to an event website is possible. The content and bookings can be linked to the NOVA app. The event bookings are displayed in the personal view of the participants, so that the event page can be opened.
  • Agenda management is available in the NOVA app. Here the individual agenda items with time slots can be booked by the user. The availability and maximum number of participants can be freely defined.
  • The bookings can be linked to the event website.
  • Administrators can create locations and events themselves. These can be linked to existing event websites.
  • The NOVA app is multilingual. The languages German and English are currently available. More languages will be added successively. The language selection results from the language setting of the end device.
  • The NOVA app has extensive authorization management, both on the administrator and on the participant side. For example, booking authorizations can be defined based on groups of people, age, etc.
  • The release process can also be defined individually depending on the location or event and release can be assigned automatically or manually
  • Authorization processes and workflows can be created and changed by administrators.
  • The approval process can also be defined individually depending on the location or event, and approvals can be assigned automatically or manually.
  • Authorization processes and workflows can be created and changed by administrators.
  • After successfully registering for the event, all participants are displayed in the “Operator view” of the NOVA app. In the first step, the admin has the opportunity to check the required proof (e.g. proof of vaccination) for completeness and correctness and to release it.
  • If evidence is incorrect, it can be rejected and the participant can be queried again with the help of a personalized message.
  • The last step is the “Event Manager Approval” and the associated confirmation of participation. As soon as this is entered in the system, the participant has the option of checking in directly via the hygiene column via face recognition.

Feedback, ratings, evaluation, statistics

  • The area of participant satisfaction surveys and event ratings is currently still in the programming phase.
  • An automated survey is planned for the event participants, whose questions can be defined individually by the operator.
  • The survey results are automatically processed in the NOVA app and presented as a report.
  • For each event, it is also planned to display statistics about the event (number of participants, age groups, cancellation rates, etc.).
  • The reports and statistics can be downloaded as PDF or Excel files.

Do you have questions about how NOVA can support you?

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