Pandemic prevention

NOVA offers perfect solutions in every pandemic situation and conveniently and securely supports your hygiene concept or the enforcement of 3G/2G/2G+ regulations.

The NOVA app has an interface to the Digital Green Certificate. This enables the participant to store their current vaccination/recovery/test certificate independently in their NOVA app account. This is done simply by scanning the QR code of the corresponding certificate. The access criteria can be defined and adjusted by the operator depending on the requirements. Special regulations, such as e.g. B. boosted / no rapid test, medical contraindication, students, etc. can be taken into account. Maximum permitted visitor numbers can be set and monitored live. Automatic access blocks can be set up when this number of visitors is reached. The allocation of rooms within a building is also possible in order to minimize possible contact persons and to monitor the utilization of rooms.

NOVA building blocks in your COVID strategy

Proof of vaccination

Test proof

Temperature measurement

Hand sanitizer

Digital contact tracing

Quick test scenarios

A high number of infections with viruses, for example through aerosol distribution, has been shown to take place in closed rooms and when large crowds gather.​ That is why the NOVA app focuses on secure access to buildings through preventive measures such as temperature measurement and mask recognition. Using the hygiene station, supported by quick test scenarios, digital contact tracking can be documented completely and GDPR-compliant. The NOVA app is part of a holistic concept. The contact details are recorded via the app and questions are answered in accordance with the current Covid-19 regulations. The manual filling out of questionnaires is completely eliminated.​

The NOVA app constantly updates the applicable hygiene rules in the respective buildings/rooms and displays them in the app.

The check-in takes place via a QR code by confirmation with the date and time at the respective location, alternatively at the hygiene station with the contact details already stored. When leaving the location, the check-out takes place. The data remains securely stored for a period of 14 days for contact tracing in accordance with the Corona regulation and can be viewed by the user at any time in a history.​

The NOVA app facilitates access to buildings and events and secures them at the same time. By using the NOVA app, you are making a contribution to the opening strategy and the return to normality. Thank you for your support!​

The quick test with the NOVA app

A quick test event is created and scheduled in the app by the health department/company/operator (quick test organizer). The user can book the offer until the test capacity is reached. The NOVA APP reminds the user of the appointment. A cancellation of the appointment is also planned and the canceled appointment will be activated again for booking. The aim is the optimal utilization of the test station.

Procedure, organization & tracking

  1. The NOVA APP provides the quick test organizer with a booking list with name, address data, telephone number and time of the booked appointment.
  2. Display of the route to the test station in the NOVA APP
  3. The test is entered into the user’s app via the test team’s user interface in the NOVA app with the date, time and period of validity.
  4. If the test is positive, contact tracing is carried out immediately
  5. If the test is negative, a countdown of the specified period of validity begins. Within the period of validity, the quick test status is automatically transmitted for all check-ins and access is granted. Before the validity period expires, the user receives a notification that he should take a new test.
  6. The test data can be uploaded by health authorities, organizations, resident doctors, etc. who have the right to do so. Companies or operators can also organize quick test scenarios with the NOVA app with the corresponding documentation requirements.
  7. Self-tests by private individuals are not intended due to the possible error rate and opportunities for fraud.
  8. The above quick test scenario is already being actively tested in the reference project at the Olympic training center in Hanover by the sports medicine department (approx. 150 tests per week).

The case of infection: The NOVA app is part of a holistic concept

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