NOVA - the solution concept for companies and events that your guests will surely recognize!

The aim of using the NOVA systems is to provide aproven comprehensive security concept for companies and events. NOVA lifts Potential cost savings through digitization of processes and reduction of operational activities and enables efficient and customer-oriented event and visitor management.

In the focus of the application:

In addition to these requirements, the NOVA systems have extensive, automated solutions for pandemic prevention, the control of access criteria and automated admission systems.

The NOVA solution begins even before the invitation to the event and supports you from registration and accreditation before arrival to the end of the event with the event report and any follow-up and customer satisfaction analysis.

Make NOVA your application

Implemented and integrated: Appearance and function in your corporate environment - easily realised!

In addition, the app gives you the option of adapting the design to your corporate standards and integrating the specifications/rules of your personal hygiene concept.​

As a “customized app”, NOVA can be rebranded in your corporate design and the content can adopt your corporate behavior. In this way, the application is viewed by your employees or guests as an original with your company and its values.

Automatic change to the (CI/CD) of the customer at their locations or event locations via GEO fancing or by check-in. Other customer-specific applications and administrator functions, such as information exchange, offers, menus, event calendars or promotional presentations of products, companies and sponsors are possible.

In the example of the DSV: Automatic change to the (CI/CD) of the German Swimming Association at its locations and sports facilities through event invitation and check-in. Display and approval of the rules of conduct of the DSV hygiene concept, quick test scenarios, training documentation and sponsor presentations.


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