NOVA recognizes you. Reliable!

One of the special features of NOVA is face recognition. Because this is used to determine again and again that you are actually verified as a user of the application. All changes, entries or uploads of documents are confirmed in front of you – with your face. That’s why Nova can recognize you even if you don’t have your mobile phone and app with you at all!

A lot is open to you with the NOVA Smart-ID! Imagine being able to shop, attend a concert or sporting event in the future without any documents or tools. Reserve a table in a restaurant, check into a hotel, book a trip, order a rental car and much more. All you need is your face.

Verification with your face

The system’s 3D facial recognition reliably protects against attempts at fraud, such as showing a photo instead of your face. With this integrated “aliveness detection”, the NOVA Smart-ID offers an outstanding level of security.

For the NOVA Smart ID identity check, you register in the NOVA app, take a selfie with your smartphone and take a photo of your ID document – all from the comfort of your own home. The system compares both images to ensure that you are the person on the ID card. You are now verified for NOVA and can confirm all further processes with your face.

NOVA gives you easy access

If access regulations (e.g. measures of the Corona Protection Ordinance) have to be fulfilled, NOVA recognizes your access authorization. You can e.g. B. simply scan your vaccination certificate in the NOVA app and thus prove your current vaccination status. But even beyond the pandemic, NOVA reliably recognizes if you are authorized to access – without documents or inquiries.

NOVA will guide you past the queue

Check-in takes place via the NOVA access systems using Smart ID facial recognition and the access system automatically gives you your hotel room card, for example

For quick and convenient billing, you can use the payment function of your NOVA wallet and receive the bill digitally on the NOVA app. For example, you can check out at the hotel without having to wait at the reception.

NOVA is your personal life wallet full of possibilities

Step by step, more and more providers are deciding to use NOVA as a smart solution: hotels, trade fair operators, event organizers, sports clubs and many more! The path has only just begun – are you following it?

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