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The special features of the NOVA systems include automatic accreditation and the different forms of admission control. Various processes are available for this – from a simple QR code to sophisticated solutions for high-security events. The access criteria can be set individually by the organizer. Because all necessary documents or evidence have already been verified by the participant in advance, the accreditation can be completed before the participant arrives (or through the last step on site).
The NOVA access systems check the access authorizations fully automatically and can (depending on the setup) release access automatically (NOVA terminal with electronic barrier system). By displaying the authorization, staff can also securely release access. This does not require any further testing or verification by the staff. You determine individually which equipment and which security features are desired or required for your event!

You decide who gets access.
And under what conditions!

For example in the fight against a pandemic

The NOVA systems are designed to be able to compare other components in addition to the specified access authorizations of the organizer, e.g. e.g.:
  • Checking vaccination/recovery status (2G)
  • Examination of the current test certificate (3G/2G+)
  • Examination of the group of people
  • Verification of accreditation / booking
  • Allocation of the access areas
  • Other criteria (e.g. entry list/club ID, body temperature…)

Admission management

Admission management takes place automatically, taking into account the data from the NOVA App and the fulfillment of the specified criteria:

Version 1

Self -scanning of a posted location QR code by the participant.

Version 2

Scanning of the participant’s personal QR code by the organizer’s staff, webcam or scanner terminal.

Version 3

Biometric facial recognition incl. Body temperature measurement at the NOVA terminals.

Version 4

Through an identity card/passport scanner in the entrance area.

Upon entry, any yes/no questions can also be asked and defined rules of conduct can be displayed for confirmation. Access authorization is checked fully automatically using the data and certificates stored by the user. The result is displayed directly. Scanning (Variant 2) can be done with a mobile phone or a standard webcam.

Participant handling

  1. App download and one-time, manual entry of contact data (verification Apple, Google, SMS)
  2. When using biometric face recognition, a photo is taken with the mobile phone within the NOVA app
  3. Alternatively: Taking a photo of the front and back of the identity card/passport. Automatic creation of the user account and the picture (version still being programmed)
  4. Registration via web app possible without app download
  5. On-site registration by the organizer without app or web registration (guest account)

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