Successful through the Olympic qualification with the Hygiene Allianz and the Nova app

As part of the Olympic qualification, the Hygiene Allianz brought the just over 200 athletes and participants through the event weekend healthy and safe through the successful use of hygiene solutions and management via the Nova app.

The weekend was optimal thanks to the trio of participants parties performed. Event management and planning was handled by DSV, which was already using the Hygiene Allianz Nova app for registration and preliminary tests. On site, the participiants could then check in using their personal QR code and the RLE hygiene station (incl. Dermalog facial recognition technology) and were therefore traceable at all times and would have been directly targeted in the event of an infection informed and isbe polished. Fortunately, there were no incidents during the event. The event was also supported on site by the Charité with quick tests and validation of the results. Even if someone was only tested on site, the result could be entered directly in the Nova app and the participants could move around the site without complications.

Ralf Laufenberg, Managing Director of the RLE INTERNATIONAL Group, was also on site to get an idea of the solution. The Hygiene Alliance and the Nova app are completely new business areas for the engineering company, which is mainly active in the automotive and software industries. Developed are the idea and conception of the Hygiene Allianz within the framework of internal workshops for innovations during and after the Corona pandemic:

,, We pride ourselves as a technology company contributing to safety during eventto afford. Our solutions are not only a valuable measure during Corona times. Our solutions can also be used afterwards for increased safety and prevention, no matter what the occasion.”

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