With the hygiene alliance, NOVA ensures safe competitions

In terms of sport, “ THE FINALS 2021 ” is a huge thing. But the organizational effort is also enormous for the organizers to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the coronavirus pandemic. The German Swimming Association (DSV) as organizer of the German Championships in swimming and diving trusts in the expertise of RLE INTERNATIONAL . The company, which is based in Overath near Cologne, created ” The Hygiene Alliance ” and uses innovative solutions to ensure that the competitions in the Berlin swimming and diving hall in the Europasportpark (SSE) are held safely.

Many athletes are already familiar with the procedure from the Olympic qualification, and “Die Hygiene Allianz” was already in action there too. The entire event is organized via the NOVA app , from pre-event registration to the end of the event. After arrival with a valid PCR test, a quick antigen test is carried out daily for all participants. For the finals – DM Swim 2021, we have test capacities of up to 2,000 tests per day. Access to the sports facilities is gained by checking in at the hygiene pillars with forgery-proof biometric facial recognition.

With this innovative, digital solution from Hygiene Allianz, we can ensure that digital contact tracing is possible for all participants in the event of infection and that no one is in the building without a negative rapid test. According to the motto “maximum prevention with minimum effort for the participants”. The feedback from all event participants is extremely positive. The concept had already proven itself at the DSV Olympic pool swimming qualification in April and has been further optimized since then. The technical solutions are scalable and can also be used at events with significantly more participants and visitors.

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